Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I enter the airport to pick up or drop off a passenger?
Yes at this time there are no restrictions upon entering the airport in regards to COVID-19 however masks are welcome and social distancing is in effect as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has outlined.
Do I have to wear a mask when flying?
Check with your airline to verify if you are required to wear a mask and if they might be supplying masks.
Is social distancing in effect on my flight?
Check your airline's website.
Will I be quarantined when I arrive into JAX?
Information about self-quarantine can be found on the Florida State Governor's website or call the Florida Health Department hotline for COVID-19 hotline 1-866-779-6121.
Can I fly from the USA to another country?
Check the US State Department website for current travel advisories and specific questions regarding the entry requirements of other countries.
My ID has expired and the DMV is closed, can I still fly?
Information about traveling with an expired ID can be found on the TSA's website.
If I had COVID-19 and have recovered can I fly?
Please ask your doctor for guidance. Additional information can be found on the CDC's Covid-19 website.
Do I need to wear a mask at JAX airport?
Yes. If you're traveling out of JAX, please be aware that the City of Jacksonville’s mandatory mask requirement (Emergency Executive Proclamation 2020-0005 ) includes the airport terminal, meaning passengers will be required to wear a mask. Here’s a link to the City’s website for more information: